Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm currently taking a break from studies. After graduated from diploma and all those chaotic endless drama at uni, i finally wanted it to put it a stop and get myself out there to shape myself a little.

I'm a tutor at a daycare center at the moment. I report to work from Monday to Friday at 12pm and my work ends at 7pm.

I know what you guys were thinking. I'm a culinary arts graduate but why am i working as a tutor in a daycare center? Well it is a job that i can get a weekend off, it pays me well for what i'm doing there and most importantly i can still serve the Lord on weekends. More time for the other half?

Well. Not likely. Just that we don't see each other everyday. It kinda made our relationship stronger by not seeing each other that often.


Wait, the other half is not the main point in this post.

I've been working at the same center for coming 2 weeks now. So far i'm enjoying the work i'm doing there. It's not stressful definitely not a mind fucking job. The only issue i have now is some of the kids in there are just plain lazy. So there's this student of mine. She is 6 years of age and yes she is a girl if not i won't addressed her as a "she". She's quite a smart girl to begin with but she refuses to use her awesome mind blowing brain on her studies. Play time is all she think about every now and then. Whenever i teach her she act like she's concentrating but her mind isn't. No matter how many times i taught her the same thing she could go wrong with it. And she could put off a big dolly puppy eyes and squeeze her tears out in 10 seconds!

But somehow i just don't buy her tears, maybe because she's the opposite sex.


I found myself giving more attention to those cute little boys(i'm not a pedophile in case you're wondering.). Some of them are just plain cute it just melts my heart when they popped out any silly questions. Being a kid have more pros than cons. When you're just a little kid you can run and scream but never want to care how people will look at you. Play is the only thing you think about when you completed those tasks given. You never need to worried about financials because it has been already taken care of. You need no to think about any responsibilities at all because you're just too young to take on any responsibilities. Practically there are absolutely nothing you need to worry neither nor to think about.

Being a kid is totally awesome fun!

Being an adult is a bit insane. I came across many not so responsible parents in that center. Some of parents of those kids have this kind of mentality that they have already paid that certain amount of money and it's over responsible to take care of almost every single shits that the kids are having. Parents are the world best complainer living in this world. There's this case where this family's maid ran away from their home, so the mother have a daughter and her son goes to the daycare center i'm working in now. What she do is she just leave her daughter to my boss's father early in the morning and said that my boss have promised her to take care of her tiny winy little daughter.


This mother didn't pay any single cent extra to my boss for one extra pupil. And she gave us 5 diapers and said that's stock for a MONTH!

Yes! That mother expect us to tear those diapers into pieces and made it last for fucking one month! The mother said if she buy more diapers will cause her more money so she rather not!

Why is there parents like this living in this society? I mean when you're married and horny and some horny opposite sex got you pregnant. Without thinking much about the consequences of having a child. You just think about how fun to be penetrated and have a living heart beat in your uterus. But you never think about those responsibilities that you need to face when you have a child. You rather spend those money on other things but never thought about spending those dimes for your children.

Parents nowadays could just give birth like crazy and never think of those responsibilities that they need to face when have a child.


I pity those poor little innocent devils that have parents like that..


Oh by the way.

I just watched Burlesque with the other half..

And it was damn awesome


Cheffy Ric..


Thursday, February 10, 2011


OMG! I can't believe i actually went missing in the blogsphere for almost a month now.


Sorry, i have been busy with CNY and haven't have the mojo and he time to update this domain of mine.

O'm here announce that my blog is still alive!


Anyways, CNY have been good to me and i'm talking about the food and the fun that i have but on the other hand ang pow money took a discount on me! T_______________________T!

Used to have like Rm 700++ ang pow money but it took a 60% off this year..


But leave the ang pow aside, i had good fun this year. And i laugh till i feel my diaphragm gonna burst.

It was also a quite tragic CNY this year. The other half was superb pissed with me over some issues(my attitude issues was involved.). I'm not going to feed your kepoh crave. 

Throughout the whole fight that we had i came to this point realizing that i could have lose him due to this matter. I didn't know how much i want him before this fight started.

To certain extend i do feel that i love him but on the other side i felt that the reason why we're together is because he like me and at the same time i saw a potential future of the both of us. I even feel that we're together is because i was desperate for a relationship and so happens he appeared out of  nowhere and wanted to go to the level with me. 

How silly am i right? I was wrong about myself. When i reached the edge of feeling i'm loosing him my heart aches. I don't wanna lose such a potential other half that i have. I don't wanna be unloved. And i love him too. Very much in fact. After he hung up on me the other i find it hard to fell asleep. Thoughts are spinning round and round in my head. The reason i don't wanna lose him is not because i'm afraid of being single but it's my love for him have grown so much stronger that i thought it would be. It's not like what i felt before for other guys. This is different. Really different. 

I willing to spend time cooking for him despite i know it was a hard dish. I never said never when it comes to cooking for him. He have done and sacrificed so many things for me but i have yet to do anything that reply his efforts in this. I'm such a bad boyfriend to begin with. There tons for me to learn and there are things that i still need to work on. 


Getting into a relationship is easy but maintaining it is hard. Despite it's hard i wanna make this work between us. 

I never know how much i love you till i felt that i almost lose you.

You guys may think that having a fight is a bad thing.

But when it comes to relationship fights is the only way to test you love towards one another.

Courage enough to test your relationship?

Cheffy Ric.

Loves Dee!