Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas came and left the corner. So no more Christmas rehearsals for me to attend and there ain't any classes too. And i'm left with tons of free time and i don't really have any plans to burn time with except for over paid my sleeping quota. If you ask me what have been doing all this while i would be happily answer "SLEEP!".

The other half have gone for church camp since Monday. He'll be back on Thursday. So far the free willy soul of mine have been stuffing my mind with the other half. I can't believe that i feel so dysfunction without him near me. We text and called each other often but i got sooooooooooo used to that till i got myself a little hair wired. It's definitely a good thing being in love. But i still gotta be a little more independent than just waiting for him all the time.

When you miss a person you'll start doing things that you don't usually do. I just ran through all his facebook pictures. What the other half said was right "pictures are like figments of memories that brain left out.". So as i was browsing through his pictures then i came across him being very intimate with his ex girlfriend(yes..he was as straight as a lamp post.). There are pictures of her kissing him on his cheek!!

rawrrr..wait i mean..


I was a bit jealous at that moment. I didn't know that i would come across such pictures on facebook. Some more a peck on his cheek! 


I swear if there was a "hate" button on facebook i'll be the first one who clicks it! It is funny how i got all jealous towards a figment of his past. I admit that i'll get jealous if he talks about his past to me. But that's a normal reaction right? RIGHT!? I didn't realized how much he mean to me right now. I really didn't know how much i'm fond by him until i couldn't really get through him these few days.

By browsing through his picture does help to ease me a little. But as much as i hate to admit it i was envious towards his ex girlfriend. Not because she had him but it's because she can show the intimacy on facebook where everyone can view and comment. The other half is discreet when it comes to this circle and at the same time i can't possibly letting the world know that i'm gay since i'm an active Christian as well. What would the leaders say if they knew that i'm gay? What kind of humiliation that my parents have to go through if people knew that my parents have a son who isn't straight? I can't possibly risks myself and my family like that.

All these thinking happened when i'm just a little too free..

I need to get myself busy and hope for Thursday to come!


Cheffy Ric.

Ends here..


Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's been a very good year end for me. A part of leaving the life of being single I've finally a diploma graduate. I no longer suffer from hearing words and comments that i don't like nor hurtful. And i can sleep, play and eat without guilt. I'll make use of the holidays before i continue on to my Degree.


Anyway, it's been a very good Christmas for me this year. The other half convinced his dad to let me cook for his(the dad) Christmas in conjunction of birthday party. The other half's main motive is not for me to show off my skills but it's for the family to get to know me as his friend and at the same time i could get to know his family too. Well i was supposed to cook for 80 people for the party. 


80 hungry people!! But the ones that came is just around 50 of them. Food that i made are all good except for the pasta. 


I didn't wanna talk about my food. The other half was really glad that i've made an impression to his family members and his close friend. I know that he's serious about this relationship because i feel that a guy who brings his other half to meet his family and close friends means he is damn serious about the relationship. A part from that he even passed me his iPhone for me to use while he's attending his church youth camp. He never hesitate about leaving the phone with me. And he even got me a big bottle of Hugo Boss for me as a Christmas gift just because he saw two empty bottle em lying around my amenities table knowing that scent is crucial to me.

Though some of you might think those is just some simple things for that a lover can do but let me tell you one thing. A person don't have to get the moon for you to show how much he loves you. It's never the price when it comes to love. It's always the thought and the effort to show your love.

To certain extend i feel that he loves me more than i love him. He pays very detail attention to me. Even the tiniest things that came out from my mouth tattooed in his mind. For that i wanna to be a much sensitive person than i'm already am now. Love is a learning process. The day you stop learning is the day you stop loving.

I'm so glad that he have much faith in me. No matter in person or at the things im doing. He never fail to show me he loves me.

You're the biggest mistake and occasion that ever happened in my life.

A mistake that i never regret making.

An occasion that i never wished to turn back time.

If you happen to read this i would be happy to let you know that i love you dearly.

Thank you Dee..your love have made me a very happy boy.

Cheffy Ric.

Loving you.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Finally the major exams are over. Left another one to go.

I'm not going to blog about my final practical exam as i feel i did a poor job. =S

I was chatting on MSN with Ben who is now in the land that own Hollywood yesterday. I personally think that Ben is a hot cake no matter he's in the Asian country or in a land filled with white and black. Ben own an appealing exterior. Don't even get me started with his body. Ben is a stud after all(Ben..i know you're reading this but that's only my opinion.=p).

I bet DancerBoy loves this! =p

Well, i think majority of us think that a person with an appealing exterior will live on a good life where things just reach out to them most of the time. It's like they don't need to put that much of an effort to get things done. And i don't think people with appealing exterior will be sexual or attention deprived. Somehow they seems pretty superficial to start of with. You feel that you're not good enough even just to be friends or even close acquaintance to them.

I admit that i was very judgmental when it comes to all these things. I was clear that there are some flaws behind those perfect face and body. But i just never want to try to get to know them due to feeling intimidated by great looks. But Ben enlighten me that though he may have a cute face and a hot bod but there's a human with emotion behind those awesomeness. Sometimes i even feel that people with such feature are emotional deprived human beings(blame the circle for having too many superficial males and macho Marys). 

Cute face and hot bods are pretty hard to approach most of the time. They are no aliens but they are just too hard to get close with and should i say they may not want you to be their friends because you're ugly and fat. They often think that they have such qualities that they can choose what they like and even who they want. Ben can consider the only cute face and hot bod friend that i ever have. For once he made me change my mind about hot guys.

Life is not about having an interesting exterior. It's about having what's underneath the exterior.

Superficial can be real too..

Cheffy Ric

Ends here..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Was a warm afternoon. And i can't seem to settle the lard ass of mine on the study mode. So there i was bumming around but still manage to swallow some notes.


I need more time to squeeze those notes in my brain. Big brain limited space.

I was at church early. Was having practices with church mates for Christmas. There are so many things to prepare and rehears. The other half promised that he would meet me at my church and we go somewhere from there after that. I needed to take the public transport to church as my mom have sent the car into the workshop. So here i am without my wheels. 

I text him as i arrived church. No respond from him. I didn't bother much as i thought he couldn't hear his phone rings. I tried calling him but no respond too. So as the clock ticks still no reply and calls from him. I've decided to text him and call again. 

Still no respond.

I panicked. I thought something bad happened to him. And at the same time the fear of he ignoring me is there. I have histories with guys ignoring me after weeks of being "together". As much as i tried to stay positive i still can't get rid of the fears. I told him to meet me at my church at 10pm. So i called for the last time at 9.45pm. Still no answers. I got fed up and i gave up on calling him. But my mind still wondering why isn't he picking up his calls nor reply my text.

When the rehearsals ended. I was chatting with some of the church mates near the sanctuary. As i turn and look, i was shocked. He was sitting at the end, the last chair. I was so relieved. He lost his phone. That explained why there are no respond from him. He told me that he felt so lost when his phone went missing. The first person came into his mind was me. Phone is the only way of communication when we're apart. 

He doesn't have internet service at his new place. So he couldn't reach me via internet. He was so afraid that i leave church when he arrived. Honestly i was planning to leave church if there isn't a sign from him. I always doubt his words as cheaters are good with words. But not anymore. After what have happened, i'm confident that i'm the one who he care and love the most besides his family and fashion.

I'm glad that he appeared so abruptly into my life.

Cheffy Ric

Loves here.

Exam is commencing less than 9 hours!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eating Disorders

I think i'm living one of the 7 sins. 

Which is 



Was chatting with Vin on MSN. He told me his eating habits and all. Then it strikes me that i have the same problem too. The other half have been trying to convince me to take it slow when it comes to food since i'm only 20 this year and it's crucial for me to lose those extra flabbies before it was fixed to growing side ways when my metabolism slows down. The other half kept emphasizing that he don't mind that i'm like the way i am now but he just want me to be in the healthy side instead of risking my health into all these unnecessary illness in the future.

Food have always been the biggest part of my life. I love to eat and i love to bake and cook. So practically my life always revolve around food. There was never a day that i stop eating. I have this mentality that if i were to make good food i must taste good food. The mentality is right but the action is wrong. I can taste good food but not in bulk. I can have more than 2 slices of cheese cake if i want. And the tummy never screams full. I used to have to will power to stop myself from eating too much. But somehow i just lose it. 

It's quite hard for me to stop all these indulgence running around my taste buds. But i just have to stop. I've always been complaining about my weight but i never actually take the initiative to cut down my food resources. It like my kitchen has never been lack of food. There are always stuff for me to munch on when i feel like it.

I don't eat because i'm hungry. I eat because i want to eat. The other half have been hoping and wishing that i could be more sexier one day. Thinner but still be a little fleshy in the healthy way. I have to stop all my excessive food indulgence as for a healthy life. He have been doing his sacrifice in this relationship. So i guess i have to do my part as well. 

Being overweight is not the way of life. I can't be complaining and whining about my weight but still not doing anything to fix it. I wanna walk the talk.

Beauty need some efforts.

Cheffy Ric


Now i'm craving for some Pasta~! =S

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Long Night part 2

I was so tempted to sleep when i felt the comfy bed brush through my skin but my mind wasn't at ease. I can't stop thinking about Alex and Ganesh. Those two poor soul must be so terrify. We(Andrew and I.) got phone calls from Alex from time to time updating what's going on. 

I know that my mom is going to question if she saw Andrew hanging around my house at such hour without any prior notice. So i go with my own instincts and left the house at 5am and told my mom that i'm going for a jog. So as we arrived at the police station, the blue uniforms are till not done with the underage kids. So there we are bumming around the station. Since we're waiting i needed a much comfy place to rest my lard ass. So Andrew was inside the building where does i rest my lard ass inside the car with tiny gaps at the window to give it some air flow to save burning petrol.





Still Waiting...

I fell asleep. But it was like 30 minutes then i received an sms from my mom. She accused me for not being home and use "going for a jog" to cover those mysteries. Well, i didn't lie, i did went home and i'm in my jogging attire i did jogged a little in a way. 


Alex told me that some of the underage boys's friends went up to see them. So i asked the receptionist and he said they are coming out soon so there ain't a need to go see them. I was quite relieved knowing that they are coming out soon. BUT it's MALAYSIAN BLUE UNIFORM members. Their soon could be 24 hours!!!

Once again my hope of them coming out soon has vanished. It was 7am, DancerBoy and Tulsy are still asleep. The other half text me around 8.15am. He said..

" Bii..I'm on my way to church now. I hope you're resting now. Please take a good rest. Love you :*.."

I wished i was taking my rest at that time. I replied him(i won't want to reveal our conversation as it got cheesy after that.). He was shocked that i was still there after the long wait. And i got really pissy as the wait seems forever. All they got to do is just sign the papers and the ask the Blue Uniform head to let them off that's all. It's not necessary to hold them for more than 5 hours. 

I met some of the other underage friends there. And i got so annoyed by this fella who thinks he's all that superior. He sounded so spoiled, snobbish and ignorant. He drives a Smart ForFour and own an Iphone and an Ipad. Yea~! That's your dad's money you're spending! So stop being such a spoiled, snobbish and ignorant child before you earn your own pot of gold! 


I was half asleep and half awake till DancerBoy called me. It was around 9am-ish if i'm not mistaken. Was quite pleased to have more friends around for the wait. At least can kill some boredom since Andrew was dying out slowly. 

As the clock ticks, 10.15am. The underage kids slowly coming down one by one. I waited in front of the lift, as the lift doors opens i saw ALEX!!! And Ganesh was just behind of him. I was like 


I hugged Alex so hard!!! As though he woke up from a coma or something. I missed him so much. Though i see Alex almost everyday but it felt like he was gone for ages. The 9 hours felt like 9 years! Ganesh came hugging me like a weak soul. We are all relieved that they're out from the building. And the wait has been a torture to most of us except for DancerBoy and Tulsy that went home to sleep..=S

After that the 6 have united together with another one named Dylan join the morning tea. And they were talking about the time they're inside. And it doesn't seems tortured at all! They're like saying they have air-cond, singing sessions, sofas and even ice-breaking sessions. And they even bonded with each other inside there. If Andrew and i knew that it was that enjoyable we could have just use the amount of time to sleep!

All i'm thinking about is that the blue uniforms will question them and keep them off any sort of leisure. Guess i was wrong. When i got into the car i ticket! From DBKL! Oh dear, can the day get more worst? After dropping them home, went home and sleep. For 2 hours then have to jet to church with mom nagging about the car and the petrol. After that mom called and yelled at me. Questioning why is there a dent below the fog lamp. I have got no idea about it because i don't recall hitting anything. 

It was the worst day of my life!

First was the raid.

Then the urine test.

Add in friends got trapped in the blue building.

Come in the sleep deprived.

Then the Saman 

Worst, the dent!


Cheffy Ric

End here!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Long Night part 1

Was at the other half's place on Friday night. He dropped me home at 4-ish in the afternoon the day after. As usual, i do the chores and head to church there after.

After church went fetch Ganesh, Andrew and Alex. Then off to MP we go. It was Alex's first time going to MP. Met up with the couple Tulsy and Dancerboy . So the usual we all go "Hi~~~~!!!!" then hugged. So we all chilling around talking and stuff. Ganesh was missing around with his other gang of friends. So i dragged Andrew and Alex along with DancerBoy to the dance floor. But Andrew and Alex were such a bad follower till they found Dancerboy and I are missing. They got back to talking session mean while DancerBoy and I were rocking the dance floor(Oh. Tulsy was already at the dancefloor.). With those music pumping and made the sluts go moving. 

It was like a Sauna room at the dance floor. I couldn't take it then i left DancerBoy and Tulsy do their thang. So i go walking around catching up with other friends. And i went down stairs to chill along with few more mates. As i stand up i saw DancerBoy and he took my hands and rush to the entrance while i looked back there was Ganesh, Alex, Andrew and Tulsy. At the point i knew that there's going to be a raid. But we were a little too late. As we arrived at the entrance the blue uniform shut the door. In my mind was like " Oh crap! I'm so screwed!". Then the manager of MP announce on the PA " Foreigners please make tour way to the exit and Malaysian please remain in the club and avoid blocking the entrance thank you."


It's going to take a while. So we all chill around a while before we get our turn to go out. We even joke around a little before going out. When we all decided to go out. DancerBoy and Andrew were safe. Ganesh and Alex were on the other side of the crowd. Tulsy and i were in the same crowd. This ain't pretty. The blue uniform gotten so rough and started to scream at some of the clubbers. As though we're some illegal immigrant in this country. It is so degrading to us all just because we are gay they have to treat us like that.

Did i mentioned the other half went to sleep knowing that i'm in that situation? Yes. He was asleep.-.-.


After they have done separating us up. My side of the crowd were back inside the club. No, we are not being asked to party again but to do urine test. Ganesh and Alex were outside waiting due to underage. I was so scared not that i took drugs but it's the fact that i needed to stay on longer for all these shits and who knows parents might find out about this. And the fact that Ganesh and Alex were trapped as well. Ganesh and Alex were being brought to the Blue building and Tulsy and i were doing the urine test. And i saw this fella pee in two containers and pass one of it to his friend. He must be taken tons to drugs and the pee can't do him any justice. So as Tulsy and i were safe i went for a grand reunion with DancerBoy and Andrew. 

But we can't have a reunion without Alex and Ganesh. As we arrived at the Dang Wangi Blue building we got to know that they're going to keep them longer than we thought. So, DancerBoy and Tulsy went home and sleep. Andrew and i refused to sleep knowing our dear friends are in such trouble. So Andrew followed me home while waiting for the other two to be release.


To be continue.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fast Forward

Malaysia is a fast phase country. 

No? Don't think so?

Like it or not our country is in the fast lane! 

No. We're not that fast when it comes to technology, automobile neither nor fashion.


Malaysia is fast when it comes to festivities. 

Don't know what am i talking about?

Christmas is yet to come and they have already promoting Chinese New Year's album. Those local stars, hosts and DJs have already recorded a series of CNY's album. I mean. Christmas have yet to come and y'all already excited about CNY!? 

WOW! This is so fast forward. 

I want some Christmas songs and not dong dong chiang. I find it ridiculous when i heard CNY's song played in the stereo. I mean, i do like CNY because of the ang pau gatherings i'm going to have. But right now aren't we supposed to focus on Christmas instead of CNY? We can be speedy when it comes to festivities but not technology. This is just so sad to know.


Cheffy Ric

End here.

I'm very in LOVE! 


Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dinoric

No. I'm still alive. My monitor somehow died on me few days ago. So i couldn't go online. 

Anyway. I'm back with more updates!

Before i begin, i have to admit that this year's birthday was the best! I enjoyed it very very much. I'm going to reveal it later. =p

Cheffy Ric

Ends here.

I think i'm in love..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Added another year of Wisdom.

There's a saying "a year older, a year wiser.". I second that. Because it was indeed a true factor for my case.

This isn't a good year for me in financial point of view. But throughout the whole constant financial crisis that my family have to go through, it mold me into a better person. More mature in fact. Knowing that my parents couldn't get me a cake or even give me the an amount for me to bake my own birthday cake, my heart sank a little. But then i realized that this is not what they have planned. They just can't help it but to go through this way. I know deep down they are sad and blame themselves for not being able to provide the best for their children. For me, a cake isn't matter much for me anymore as i've learnt that there are more in life besides birthday and cakes.

I remember those days when i was younger i would pay attention what my parents have installed for my older brother on his birthday. So that i could ask for the same exact thing(or better) during my big day. But each and everytime my birthday approaches my family will face financial difficulties(it's like God detest me on my birthday.) and couldn't grant my wish. And i will go all bitter complaining that my parents isn't fair to me even yell it out loud saying they favor my brother over me. I was an ungrateful child ever in this family. 

Thinking back of those events that have happened i came to a point thinking that i was not the only one who felt the hurt. In fact, my parents are the one who felt the worst. I made them felt that they didn't do well as parents. What's worst of hearing nasty words from others is hearing your own children blaming you for your insufficient source. I was wrong for blaming my parents for all the little things they couldn't do instead of those that they have done. They may not be the perfect parents that i ever wished but they are doing a great job as my parents. I was a silly childish boy.

Though they can't provide me a fancy cake but daddy got me a rather humble cake. It's not from those branded bakery but it was priceless! Because it was a cake bought with love. 

Leave the fact of me being single, i have everything in life that worth cherish. I have family that love me like no other could. Friends made up from care and concern. And the God that never fails to bless.

I'm complete.

I couldn't be thankful enough for all the wisdom that i received this year. If there isn't flaw in life there won't be me today.

I officially live for 2 decades in this planet called earth.

Birthday Ric.

With love.

Time check 12.38AM 1st December 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Counting Down

Celebrated my pre-birthday dinner with a bunch of mates. Aside of them being TRULY MALAYSIAN when it comes to time. I enjoyed the night very much.

Great company, great people and great environment.

the greatest flaw is.


I dined in a upper middle class restaurant. So i expect great SERVICE and great FOOD! But no. Alexis, The Gardens have failed me again. The server ain't polite. Further more they are lack in product knowledge. I ordered for a medium done-ness for my burger patty. But it came well done. When i complained the server insisted that it was medium. I'm taking Culinary Arts of course i know whether is it medium or well done. Not only that, my friend's chicken dish wasn't cooked properly. It's still bleeding inside.

Put that aside. A friend of mine who is a pastry chef, he baked the cupcakes for me. But we are not allow to eat in there. I wanted to asked the server to keep the cake chill. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooo..They're going to charge me 30 fucking bucks if i use their chiller. Not only that! They charge 30 mother father bucks if we eat the cakes in there. 

Just because you served cakes it doesn't mean that we have to eat your cakes! We're giving you business and that's how you treat your guest in return!?  


I'll never ever dine in Alexis, The Gardens with my own money anymore!

But i was truly blessed with the friends i have.


Oh. I received an adult toy as birthday present. O.O!

Cheffy Ric.

Ends here.

A perfect 20 in hours time.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I feeling shitty now.

I'm not a book smart person to start off with. Teamed up with two book smart students for assignments definitely suffocates me badly. I'm not saying that they are such a push over. But it just make me feel i'm not up to their standards when it comes to every single thing. Things that i do which is enough for me doesn't mean it's enough for them. Maybe i wasn't trying hard enough to perform in what the assignments asked. But it definitely made me feel bad for not giving what i was supposed to give. I seems so limited compared to them. They can came up with so many little things for the assignments but not me.

Being teamed up with street smarts seems to be much easier as we all think a like. But in the end the results weren't as good as we expected. I used to live in an environment where everything is general. Nothing was that detailed as what i'm facing today. It made me felt like a dumbo for not being able to produce work that is up to standards. It's like nothing that i do is right. Somehow i feel the friendship between me and the other two have ruined due to this matter.

I hate myself for not being able to commit like how they do for assignments. Maybe i just not the study type of person. How am i supposed to switch to economics field when i'm not the study type of person? Even a basic assignment i can't do well how am i suppose to perform in the future? 

I feel like crying my lungs out. I can't seems to do anything right. I'm taking diploma but my mind still stuck in high school format. This is one of the flaws that i hate. I always go around telling people to embrace their flaws because it made them special but here i am hating my own flaw. I'm such a hypocrite.


Maybe i can never talk to them like how i used to now.

I'm just so disappointed in myself.


I may be a good friend but a good friend doesn't mean good partner at work.

Cheefy Ric

Emo here.


My Birthday is on the 1st of December. But i ain't excited anymore.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Vs. Uniform

It's been two wimpy post. Dinoric is eager to spice things up.

So, i'm going to talk about guys today. 


There have been many good looking guys lately. It seems so effortless to look good since the fashion industry are so updated with the trends. Even an average guy with slightly more flesh can look good without putting much effort. Oh gosh  i think i'm self boasting again. 


Lately, there are tons of apparel a guy can choose from. From fitting bright color shirt to detailed vest. From leather pointy shoe to sneakers. Unlike those olden days where the men just wear a plain t-shirt and a pants. They are so many to choose from. As long as you have the money you can have it all.

But is fashion better than uniform? 


You be the judge.

Fashion number one.

Fashion no 1: Choi Siwon.

What do you think? Is fashion hot?

Fashion number 2: Hyun Bin.

You gotta admit, those floral print shirt are to die for(i love the colors.). 

Fashion no.3: Taecyeon.

Shirtless with great packs are in trend too. But ain't no fashion! I just have to find a reason to put his picture here.=p

You have seen three two fashion pictures. So now let's take a look on uniforms. Yea. That what i like. Uniforms.

Uniform: Military.

Don't you think men in uniforms are hotter than those in fashion? Look at those bulging muscles. Yum!

Uniform: Doctor.

If i ever get Dr.Frank Spinelli as my doctor i'll die with no regrets!


So. What do you think? Which is hotter? 



Last but never the least. This is by far i think it's the most perfect human being i ever see in shots!


Cheffy Ric.

Horny here..

Damn i gotta settle myself now..


I'm turning 20 soon! 


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Adapting to Situations

It's a beautiful midnight. It's Friday 2.35am now. I'm here sitting at Kuchai Lama's McD with my brother's lappy updating this post.

Usually i'll be at home at this kind of time on weekdays. But my almighty loyal LCD monitor decided not to serve me anymore. It died off. Leaving a blank black instead of colourful images. 

I got home from my last kitchen class before heading to finals 3 weeks from now. It was 11pm when i arrived home. And parents wanted to have a family prayer. When the prayer ends i hopped on the chair and get my desktop started. I sat there for more than an hour trying to get the monitor start. But no luck. It decided to leave itself be a blank black. I told my parents that i need to head out as i need to do my assignments with the internet. They don't allow it at first because it's isn't safe for me to head out at such timing(it was 1.30am).

There's nothing much they can do as the monitor is not starting up. Unwillingly they let me out. Now i am sitting in McD typing this post. Life is about adapting into new situations. As much as i love to stay at my comfort zone but when situations don't allow i just have to adapt it. Same goes to parents. As much as they want their children to stay young and never leave their sight but they still have to adapt to the situation as the kids grow up.

Well, here's a story. I know this guy M last year. We're once close acquittance. But things went the wrong directions. It all started when he blogged about an old uncle owning a Nokia N97. He remarked that the phone does not suit that old uncle at all. It doesn't match(ehh..gadgets don't wear the owner. so no need to care match or not.). After than remark, i seriously thinks that he have an attitude problem. He loves those designer's brand like Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo(SF), and the lists goes on. He even claimed that he have two bags from SF. I'm not impressed nor envy. Guys who buy designer goods with their hard earn money are much appealing fyi(but not till they obsessed stage larrr..). Somehow somewhat i can sensed that he doesn't like me in person. He thinks i grossed him out which i wanna know why. And now he thinks i'm a low class bitch. 

He even bitch and moan about the most tiny things in life. Once he told me he wanted to quit Hotel Management because he hate kitchen practicals. In my mind i was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!?? SERIOUSLY? Just a subject! It's not like you're facing some discriminate issues like i do." 


I admit that i'm no high class who learn poise and posture since young. And i even think SEED bags are luxurious. But at least i know there are more to live beside designer's good. I felt hurt when i know the fact that people thinks that i'm low class. I did nothing that resembles as low class. I may not think that owning a Louis Vuitton is a must in life. I may not think that the restaurant Alexis is worth going on a causal basis. I don't even think that having a Mac Book is much privilege than Dell laptop. 

There's no doubt that designer brands are some awesome shit. Expensive things are meant to be pleasant to the eyes anyways. 

I'm really curious why M thinks that i'm low class. I just want a very definite answer.


I tried to be oblivious towards all these things. But i just can't help myself from thinking. 

I'm just another pathetic individual.

Cheffy Ric.

Ends here..