Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wow! I have left my blog dead for more than a month now. No. I haven't been busy. Just lose the momentum to blog. Having my thoughts trapped and couldn't translate into a blog post just makes me lazy to blog about just anything.


I have been doing very well. The other half have made me a very happy boy indeed. What i love about life right now is that i'm very conscious with the things i do and the decision i make. I'm loving myself every single day and of course it does help to have someone beside you to make a better version of you.

I just did a major spring cleaning on my Facebook. From pictures to friends. I didn't know how notorious i was until i look at my own pictures. I have trouble growing up. Many people out there may think that a guy like me would have tons of loyal followers but the truth is i'm always struggling with having the least amount of friends. Instead of quality i go for quantity.

So there i was adding random cute and hot gay strangers as my friends on Facebook that i think i may stand a chance to be their friends or even boyfriend if i'm lucky. Turned out none of it turn out as what i expected it to be.

But i still manage to have a big bunch of friends which i find them pretty cool to hang out with. Humans will never be satisfy with what they have. So after i have a huge gang of friends, i started to crave for appreciations from each and single one of them. Turned out majority of them don't give a shit about how you feel deep inside. What they care about is just to relax and have fun.

As soon as i stepped out from the over rated drama and diva scene i came to a check point where i started to search for my true self once again. I always thought being bitchy and diva is my thing but it wasn't after all. 

I always considered myself a not so high profile gay because i've seen what's high profile gays are like. I was wrong. I was a high profile gay in my own terms which gave me a huge slap at my face. I gained my conscious. 

I picked myself back up and be who i really am now. I stayed away from the self proclaimed diva gang and i disappeared from being the socialite at the club. 

Who needs quantity when you have quality?

Count your blessings. Be happy with what you got. Having fame doesn't secure you happiness.

I happy that i've found myself and i'm on the right track.

I was never this happy in my life before. Though i may have put on some inches but i'm still happy. I'm me! And you have found me. 

I love you.

You know who you are. :)

Love being on top all the time?

Quantity is greater than quality?

You really think so?

Think again!

Cheffy Ric back in da house y'all!

Stay tune!