Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Never Stop Learning

Once again this blog has been dead for a month. Oh well not like i'm trying my best to keep it alive anyways.


If you guys clicked my blog because you may think it may be about hot guys then..

Oopsie daisy..

I guess some things that we can never stop learning. Having myself being brought up in such ways things can never be easy for me. When i was younger i often heard friends around me telling me that their parents had promised them a fabulous gift if they scored well at studies. Oh well, it never happen to me. One thing because i didn't do well in my studies(HAHA) but the fact that my parents can't afford to promise me anything that may lead in to disappointment in the end of the days.

Therefore i often get the stuff that i want the hard way. But that mold me into a better version of me today. Well, i'm not perfect certainly not extremely gorgeous as well. Therefore things can never be easy for me. But there's always a thought in my mind that constantly remind myself that i can never stop learning.

There are improvements of the country day by day, new technologies being created day by day and even there are new cures for all sorts of diseases as we live our life. So we are obligated to be humble and learn each day in our lives.

There isn't a substantial reason for us to stop learning. But every now and then i encountered some shameless people trying to educate some individual outside regarding a certain skill through a certain source of information where does he/she himself/herself don't apply that into their daily life. I mean aren't you supposed to do the talk and not only talk the talk?

Being secluded by people who knows you and understands you all the time doesn't made you good at what you're intended to educate other people. It just made you as contradicting as ever. It's like Jamie Oliver tries to be an engineer.


I'm a type of person who is bad at hiding my own true emotions. When i don't like a certain things or a certain type of person i'll be pretty bitchy and cold about it. Once long time ago, i was forced to be in a situation that i absolutely unfamiliar of. And the crowd isn't the crowd that i'm used to. So there was i snapping at everyone.


I'm still in the process learning to differentiate between being real and being presentable in an unfamiliar crowd.


Tough lesson!

Think you're good enough to educate people?

You do the talk?

You think so?

Think again!!

Cheffy Ric

Signing OUT!