Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was so excited when i first received the other half's Iphone. I always wanted to have one not for the apps but for the amazing touch screen and surprisingly user friendly entertainment phone.

I got myself an itunes account and let the download begin. I was tempted to get a Grindr account but was afraid the other half won't like it(he don't want his Bii to Grind around.). But without his acknowledge i downloaded that orange app!


The other half was okay with it as he's confident that i won't leave him for another man. So there am i grind around. But after a while i wasn't that excited about Grindr anymore. Maybe the fact that i'm already madly in love with the other half that made me lose interests on getting to know guys around. All i'm seeking for is plainly just friends. There's nothing more to that. 

But guys on Grindr have another thing in mind. They are all looking for possibilities. It's either a date or a sex date. Friends was never their main motives. I was chatting with this fella via Grindr this morning. I remain simple chats and try to get to know him in person and possibly a potential friend. He tried to bring the conversation into next level. He's hinting some naughty things here and there which will lead to flirting but i didn't play along with him as i want friends and only FRIENDS!

After a while he sort of gave up on replying my chats. I guess he lose interests in me because i'm not replying his flirts.

I always thought there are more in this circle than just boyfriends and sex dates. Reality shows that random guys came to greet with a motive. And the motive is not friends.

I hope the other half won't be mad at me for grinding without his guidance..


Cheffy Ric.

Grinds Off..

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I haven't been living at ease lately. 


The other half have nothing to do with this.

2010 ended with police raided MP, rescue mates who got trapped in the police station, received a ticket from DBKL and a dent below the bumper. My arse was badly screwed by Dinoric's parents.

I started my 2011 with chaos here and there. A part of being very much drowned in love at the same time i'm on a rocky road. The road is so bumpy i could bleed.

First was mom getting upset about some stuff that i did. Then she blame me for flatten the tyre(i think she expect me to use a magnifiying glass while driving to check for nails.). She gotten so insane that she wanted to throw me out from the house. I just met with an accident yesterday. My car was fine. Not much of a damage after all. Vios is a good car! 

Of course my mom went insane after knowing that i met with an accident using her car. I have my faults and that fella have his as well. But my mom thought i was the one who was stubborn that refused to give way and ended up with an accident.

She don't even want to listen to any explanations or trying to get a clear picture of what have actually happened there and then. She just jumped into conclusion which caused some arguments this morning. I didn't purposely put myself into that situation. It was an accident. The flat tyre was an accident too. And how would the blame is on me for these things?


Maybe i have a problem. Perhaps an attitude problem?

I think need a rehab..

It'll be a better day soon!

I just have to look forward to it..

Cheffy Ric.

Rant out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's never a doubt mom have been a big part of our life. She gone through our lustful dad having her hymen burst and bleed just to create a great combination of their genes. After the whole lust process, dad made mom pregnant for 9 roller coaster month for the great combination. Thus, we came to this dark temptation world to begin our life as a person.

We can't deny that mom knows us best besides God. We're swimming in her uterus for 9 torture months which got herself insane at times. With those unstoppable cravings and roller coaster mood that made dad gone insane too. After 9 torture months she have to go through labour pain. Imagine someone is tearing your private parts off!


Despite those pain that we gave her when we're just a new born she continuously gave us love. Unconditional love. 

I introduced the other half as my friend to my parents during New Years eve. What happened was the other half spent a night at my place in my room. Two big buffalo cramped in a sad single bed. 

The other half definitely made a very good impression to my mom as the other half was charming and a goodie boy to begin with. Yesterday my mom came up to me and said this.

" I wanna tell you something. But i hope you won't be mad at me after i told you. I hope that you and ____(other half's name) are purely just friends. Nothing more than that. I'm not suspecting anything i just wanna to remind you to be careful and be alert."

Judging from the way she spoke, i wasn't surprised that she might have already know that i'm not straight. I always believe that my mom have already aware that i'm not straight. She is my mom and i swum in her tummy for 9 months. Mother knows best?

A part from that, i'm not that kind of person who do things behind close doors. I have several man dating sites accounts and i was an active member. My mom do house chores from 8.30-10pm nightly. For her to get to the balcony and kitchen she have to walk pass my desktop. There were never a time i check my account without her presences. She walk in and out from the balcony don't tell me she never even peak at my monitor once. I bet she roughly know what was i doing. 

I mean, I don't chat with girls that much except for those girls whom i close with. Other than that they are all

M A L E !  ! !

Some even have their packet of 6 buns as their MSN display picture. Worst some even have their risen little one as display picture. With all these factors if my mom still think that i'm straight she must be on crack i tell you!

Mom's intuition is greater than ladies intuition. Because moms are like superwoman! She can be the toughest lady at work, sweetest wife at home, protective mother of 6 and still can keep the household clean and presentable. Screw Wonder Woman! We prefer Wonder Mon!


You may think you mom don't know you're dating boys but she little do she know that you're sucking little brothers.

Sometimes i wish i could just come out to her and tell her everything. After all she's the best medicine for all heart breaks.

Cheffy Ric.

Do you think your mom know about your dirty little boy secrets? 



Saturday, January 8, 2011




Just had steamboat buffet with the other half for dinner. I'm still feeling so stuffed after hours.

I've been blogging about other half for the the past weeks. 

No, I'm not out of topic to blog about i'm just too occupied with the love i have now and you can't do anything about it(HAHAHAHA!! OMG! So bitchy!).


This is not another post about the other half.

Here goes..

Well, i guessed not everyone is likable is this society. I mean there are some random strangers that you're just dying to meet and be close with that person and some poor souls you die die also don't wanna meet. I have this friend, i'll name him Garreth(Not his real name, just in case he reads this.) here. 

When i first told Garreth that i'm in a relationship the first thing he said was " have to bring him to meet me!" then i was like "hmm..okaayyy..". It was never in my thought that i want Garreth to meet my other half. Not because i secretly detest Garreth but i just never thought of it. But the strange thing was when the other half saw Garreth's picture immediately he reject the idea of meeting him. No. Garreth is not ugly. 

Maybe he does look like a bitch. 


The way you bring yourself does shows in pictures no matter how you try to hide it. It's like when you're a out from the closet gay, it's hard for people not to notice that you are not so straight. One of the reason the other half don't like Garreth is that he thinks Garreth is a wannabe as though he doesn't have a true self which i have to agree as i know Garreth too well. 

I don't consider myself as generally likable but at least i try not to be someone that i'm not. It's not the first day we know that being in this circle is hard. Majority of us are pretty superficial. We only want to be with the people that we think it's cool or even decent to our eyes. We're being picky to the person we love and that includes friends as well. If we can get the body or the face then we only start looking for personality. Don't you think we should read the content instead of looking by it's cover? 

It's not the first time i received comments about Garreth. Whenever i brought Garreth to meet my other friends i'll ended up being questioned why is Garreth this and that. It seems that Garreth never fail to give a bad impression.


We're growing each day and living each day. And we shall never stop learning about ourselves and we have to constantly evaluate on things that we do. We are not perfect but at least try to learn to be better.

What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. 

It's good to have bad comments once in a while at least we know that we are still human and we still make mistakes. But try to correct the mistakes into something positive is the way to go. Never stop learning till the day you step into your grave.


Once again, i blog about this not because i'm 100% likable. I'm still human sadly i still make mistakes! 

Cheffy Ric

Ends here..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Today marks the day the other half and me have been together for a month! 


To be honest i've actually know the other half's existence months ago before i actually added him on Facebook. I saw him through a birthday party picture that my friend showed me. I was drawn into his name on Facebook. But the thoughts of adding him on Facebook didn't cross my mind. I remembered it was August. Never a doubt that his younger brother is hotter than him. But i was so much drawn towards the other half than his brother. 

So as time goes by i bummed around and trying to get my lard ass into a relationship but it didn't happened. I thought i would have get into a relationship with this ex date of mine named Ryan. He's a person who loves chubby people! And i don't consider myself chubby just MEATY! 


 M E A T Y ! !

Well, Ryan studied in The States. He self claimed that he is a smart and different Malaysian. He thinks that majority of Malaysian aren't that smart. Bahh..i can't put off with his snobbish attitude. I must be damn desperate to go on dates with him. After a while we put the dating thing into an end.

After that i was bumming around still and still hoping to get into a relationship but doesn't seems to work. And then one day i was clicking and adding random guys on Facebook and somehow creating opportunities to get myself involve with another lonely soul. And then i came across the other half's Facebook profile. And that was the moment i decided to add him. it was around mid end of November. I added him but i did not get any respond from him the day after. Till 30th of November if i'm not mistaken. 

The other half wished me "happy birthday" on my Facebook wall. So i replied "thank you" to him. And he initiated a meet with me soon. At that point i was quite surprised because the fact that someone actually wanna meet me but at the same time i was curious about it. Because the mutual friends that we have 90% are straight and happened to be Christian. Besides that his profile relationship status was(still is) "in a relationship". I was really confused.

A part of me think that he already madly in love with someone. Another side of me thinking that he's straight due to the fact that there are least amount of gay mutual friends. And he friggin hell wanna meet me! My mind was stirred up by all these factors. But we have exchanged contact numbers. The text began!

While thinking of the fact that he wanted to meet me but i still kept my personality up! And it showed via my reply to him in text messages. During my Birthday, i was supposed to meet a close friend of mine for dinner and desserts but it was cancelled after knowing that my friend was tired and i don't feel nice if he meet me because it was my birthday. I told him(the other half) that the plan was cancelled. So he felt bad for me because i have no celebration on my birthday. So he brought me for desserts that night. And i reassured that he was single before i actually move on to another step because i don't wanna fall for an attached man who have the potential to break my heart. 

So as we planned i directed him all the way to my place to fetch me for desserts(a guy who took an effort to find my place is a good guy!). I stepped into his car as he arrived. The first thing came into my mind was "Oh MAH GAWD! He looked so much better in person" and i was shy. I wasn't really myself and i was a nervous kitty. He actually made me feel comfortable being around him. And the conversations just flows out like a tap water. It was never really a moment of awkward silence. I felt so comfortable till i actually told him about my dark past which i never tell during the first date. 

It was so nice talking to him till after he dropped me off and went home he called. And we talked till 6am in the morning. After few hours, he came to my house and hang out a while. We made out! * swoons*

And days later we became an item. *B E A M S*

If i would have added him earlier back then i don't think we will ended up an item. I believe it's all about timing. It was the right timing that i added him. Things just eventually fell into place when the timing is right.

I love you Dee..

You're the man that i fell in love a month ago and i'll be loving you till the end of my days. Thank you being patient with me all the time though i could be pretty demanding at times.

I never wish to add you earlier. What i did was perfect for you to step into my life. Now, let our chronicle begin.


Cheffy Ric

Bii love Dee..

Saturday, January 1, 2011


2010 came and left. We welcomed 2011 with open hands.

I end my 2010 with you.

We start 2011 together.

I wished to get into a relationship when i was 19. And i made the same wish when i was 20. But little do i know i've found myself a love that i couldn't resists having.

I love you.

You gave me the love that i never have before..

Cheffy Ric.