Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love or Sex

After seeing some comments in my "secrets" i was very pleased. In my mind was like

"Finally!!! Some comments!"

Having someone to comment on your blog post feels like there are people who took noticed of you.


I've been thinking to blog regarding the differences between love making and sex. Yes i have been thinking about it just that i was a little too lazy and the mood of blogging doesn't seems to pop at the right time.

Well, being a young boy with raging hormones i think it's normal for me to think about having sex or even have sex with some random strangers. Yes, DinoRic was a slut but he may not be as slutty as Tulsy but he is slutty enough to call himself a slut! 

So yea, I used to have sex so often till i even lose track of the amount of sex i had when i was a single hormone raging boy. But i still can remember the amount of guys that i had some sexy time with. Sex is so easy to get in the rainbow circle. It's like you don't have to make an effort to impressed or even ask him out for a meal before meeting him on bed.

All you need to do is just put a sexy picture of yourself on some gay dating site(Axcest, G4M, Fridae etc etc.)  in the least amount of time you'll received several emails from horny boys asking you for sex. And now if you have an iPhone, the word "SEX" seems even more possible. You can even find the closest horny boy to have fun with. You don't even need to think about the distance and time since if that fella happens to be so close to you. 

Being us boys you don't even need to check the calender(girls can't really have sex when they're on a heavy flow.) or even worry about getting pregnant. You can have all the sex anytime of the day and maybe anywhere you want?



As you accept the sexy request from this random stranger the next thing you do is hop into your sexy ride and you're already on your way to sexy land. But once everything is over you just get up get dressed and go back to where you're supposed to be.

I used to think that sex is just there for us to satisfy our thirst for cocks. But the reality is that how many times do you actually stepped out from sexy partner's house with your heart filled with joy?

I used to have sex so often that i feel it couldn't satisfy me anymore. Each any every time i had sex with a random stranger i ended up feeling shitty and dirty, worst!

Feeling EMPTY!

I felt like as though i'm a piece of meat that only useful when they are horny. I felt i'm worthless but a cock to suck. I don't usually let guys top me because i wanna save that special moment or the right one. So all i did most was oral. Not even the intense oral but i did it because i think i should and i won't stay there longer than 2 minutes.

So i came to a point that i feel i should stop craving for sex and just let myself to be clean and headed for a check up. I was negative in every single shit. So i've stopped having sex till i met the other half.

I was excited jumping on bed with him each and every single time. Because he made me feel loved. I don't think i'm just a piece of meat for him to hump on or whatsoever. I didn't have sex with the other half but i made love with him.

I can go on and on giving him love on every single inch of his body. Hearing him moan makes me feel even harder and wanna go on even more. He cares about every single thing when we're making love. 

When everything is over he still loves me the way i am or even more! Making love is the exact same concept of having sex but it's different. Because it was filled with love. You'll never feel empty. You won't feel worthless. Instead you felt wanted!

Making love it's like a lesson. You're there to turn your partner on. And you'e there to discover things that he have not discovered.

Make love is GOOD!

Like sex?

Or make love?

You choose!

Cheffy Ric.

Loves off!

Monday, March 14, 2011


It's been a month since i started my job as a tutor. Some of my diploma course mates have already move on to Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts. Months ago i was so sure that imma pursue my degree in commerce in order to achieve my goal as a restaurant owner in the future.

My whole family attended my convocation last February. After that my dad wanted me to finish my degree in culinary arts instead of going to the business field. I was so sure that i want to leap over to the business field though i know the consequences waiting ahead of me.

But lately i started to miss being in campus's kitchen. I miss cooking in campus kitchen. i miss yelling "WHERE IS THE OLIVE OIL!???"(That's what me and my group mate did when we had our practical classes.) I bumped into a former course mate of mine who is taking degree in culinary arts. He told me that he's learning Vietnamese cuisine now and pastry classes have been hardcore.

It seems that they are learning tons of new methods and recipes. Right there and then i was feeling uneasy because i really love being in the kitchen and love making food. But i really don't see myself working in the kitchen in the near future. I love food and love to make food. But i can never tolerate with the unusual working time. 

People around me always commented that i'm a smart boy to begin with. Thus i wanna proof myself that i ain't only street smart i could be book smart too. I know in the near future i may bitch and moan about getting confuse with figures but i really wanna try to work my brain out. 

If you ask me to choose which field i love there isn't a doubt that i'll choose culinary arts. But i have to choose future over my best current interest.


If only chef could have a 9-5 job daily then i wouldn't got myself so stuck at current situation. As much as i love to cook i have to leave it aside at the moment in order to get myself excel in my life.

Did you choose your job according to what you love to do?

Have you ever spend a single second feeling regret of what you have chose?

You have the same dilemma as i am too?

Cheffy Ric.

Indecisive off!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Back in my high school days when i was 14 or so blogging used to be a cool thing because you're the only few that owns a blog. But as time goes by, you're not the only one anymore. Like now, every single idiot that have a "blogspot, wordpress or Xanga" is a blogger.

Everyone started off with blogging their personal issues and nothing concern about the surroundings. All they blog about is how they hate their life, their parents and even back stab their ohsobeloved friends. As life goes on, majority of them stop producing word worthy blog entries anymore. Like people said picture worth a thousand words.

Look at Anne Hathaway in her Armani Prive Satin dress! SO HAWT!

My point is, blog nowadays have turned into a photo blog instead of people who will pour their hearts out forsake of letting people get a piece of their mind. As common as a blog it is people started to get themselves into having a self identity in their blog. So they no longer want blogspot, wordpress or Xanga anymore. Now all they want is their name ends with a ".com".

Instead of saying "Hey i have a blog." they'll go "PEOPLE!!! I have a WEBSITE!  With my NAME in it!".

Sounds much cooler


It's a good thing to have your own domain WHEN you know how to utilized it. You know you'll have people reading your blog..OOPS! I mean..a..WEBSITE! So for sure you wanna impressed or even educate people through your own domain since it ain't the first day you know that people learn stuff through the internet.

So happen i know this girl from my high school who happens to be a fag hag of a close friend of mine but never we never get a connection among ourselves.

Her name is Jamie Chin. And yes! She own a domain with her name ended with a .com.

Yeap This is She. You can find her at

She's a business major student in Metropolitan Subang and she is a part time model. She usually model for make ups like M.A.C or Shu Umera. Her entries is not entirely about herself. She did blog about some happenings that she attended here and there but it was never her intention to boast about her fabulous privilege life.

Most of the time she educate the chicas out there on how to put up a certain type of make up to achieve certain kind of looks. Besides that she even introduce the world some new facial product. The amount of her personal issues in her entries is 0%. As pretty as she is i don't think she's a snob who thinks she live in a privilege world.

I don't know her that well but at least i don't have a bad image of her.

On the other side there's Shannon Chow. A girl i know also from high school. We were in the same class and once close before things is all about HER!

Bitch! It's not that hot! Nice bikini though.

This is HER alright!? Shannon Chow. You can find her at

She is another business major ain't Metropolitan but Taylors. She tries to model but apparently she don't have a chin that suits to be a make up model i think. At least that's what i choose believe. =p.

I may sounds prejudice towards her but i personally think that her entries in her website is so lost! She doesn't have an opinion of possible angle towards issues. I feel that having a domain to herself is just a waste when she doesn't know how to make it beneficial to other people and herself except for showing how fabulous her life could be.

Having a domain means you're obligated let people benefit from it. It ain't another way to show people how much you love yourself. And by having that much of fame does not mean that you could constantly telling people about how busy you are.

Shannon and Jamie is on my facebook. Whenever i online on facebook i see Shannon on my news feed saying how busy she is and all shits. Her status goes like this.

"Just woke up from a nap..OMG! So many tweets and mails to reply..i'm sooooooo busy!"


If you have time to tell the world how busy you are it really shows how busy you actually is.

Since you already have a twitter account why on earth you still wanna crowd on people's news feed. Many people know who Jamie Chin is but she don't have the attention of telling the whole wide world about how stress and busy she is. And certainly she doesn't create a public figure page on facebook. 


Shannon Chow has a page on facebook. She sent out all invites to ask people to "like" her. If you were that famous and that likable you don't need to create your facebook page and certainly there ain't a need to ask people to "like" you.

I don't find entries from Wendy Cheng a.k.a XiaXue beneficial to me but i do find her interesting. The way she talks about things shows she have a brain. 

Yes. She's the famous bleached blonde Singaporean chick who apparently good at what she's doing. She don't usually flood her entries with pictures. She have entries which is word worthy. But she ain't the girl you wanna mess with. She's so famous a blog entry of hers can tear you down! 

Being a blogger is not always a way to off your life. But it's a way to express yourself through words and NOT pretty pictures of yourself.

I don't call myself as an kick ass blogger because i know i'll never be. But knowing i have an opinion towards things that which i could translate it to a word worthy post is good enough for me. That is why i don't blog often nowadays. I must ensure myself that i have my points right when it comes to things i blog about. Else there won't be any.

Think that you're not showing off your fabulous life through your blog?

Wanna have your name ended with a ".com"?

Think again.

Cheffy Ric.

Blogs off!