Monday, September 12, 2011


Again this place has been as quite as a kampung can be. I got lazy to blog about any shits bout myself and i got tired of thinking of what to blog about to attract people to pay attention at the stuff i blog. 

Should i post a naked male model just to get back some attention?



What have i been doing for the past two months of absence?

Once again i've out grown myself again. I turned into a responsible young working adult. I was supposed to pursue my business degree last July. I was so sure about getting back to studies but 2 days before the orientation day my parents came up to me and told me that they can't support at what i about to pursue.

I was devastated.. I was waiting for the day to get back to studies since early this year but ended up a huge blow at my face. Guess this is what we called life huh? 

Well of course, i played the victim role so perfectly as though my life had came to an end but the reality is that i was being dramatic. I cried like a hysterical bitch. Have a temper like a drunken woman. And blame the world for not able to pursue my studies..

HAHA! Yes! I did all that..

But come to think of it again right, if i don't play such role at that time when is the next time to do so right? HAHA! 

Oh well, all of that has passed. I have moved on to a new chapter in my life which i didn't expect it to happen so soon but it did. Which is the WORKING life..jengjengJENGGGGGGG..

What can i say? You can never predict life. 

I gotta admit. I love working at the place i'm working now. It is stressful but i got my fair share of fun and laughter. I'm surprised myself about how i actually enjoy working. But i still do want to get back to studies whenever i get my chance to. 

Of course working is challenging but the most important thing is that you're able to learn things you can never learn at school. It is stressful i gotta admit but it will mold you into a better and mature version of you.

The relationship between me and the one is still staying strong. Sekelip-kelip mata we've already gone through our 9th month soon to be a year and i'm all excited about our very first anniversary. It's the only real relationship i'm in and it last till this long and it shall be last till the end of our days i hope.


Ever been in love?

Ever love someone so much you just think about him rather than yourself?

Think again.

Cheffy Ric.

Signing off..


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