Thursday, June 6, 2013

Drop By

Hello everyone! It's Cheffy Ric back to the blog scene. 

Anyone still actively blogging? 


Life has been a roller coaster for me after my very last blog post here. I have to say that i definitely have grown so much from what i was. 

But things are different now.

I'm back to the life being single for about half a year now. No..the other half is no longer a half anymore. I guess things just change over time and i refused to compromise anymore. So we ended things on Chritsmas Eve 2012.

Not too sure will i ever go into detail of what had happened because the fact that i had repeated it over and over again whenever my friends asked about it.

Maybe someday i will blog about it. 

For now. 

Just this simple update.

It's me

All Grown Up

Cheffy Ric


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