Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paternal Affairs

As much as i love the other half but it came to a point that i hate the fact that we can have our children in the future..


I guess this is what happens when you're only producing worms and you ain't got any eggs to go with it. Back then when i wasn't that queer i always hope to get married and have children. FOUR of them! Two boys and two girls


Yes! I love kids but i ain't pedophilia. 

I always tell the other half that i wanna bear him his child. But the sad thing is that i don't have a uterus certainly my testicles produce active worms but not eggs. We always discuss about how our children should look like. I always said that our kid should have my Asian single eye lid eyes. 

Yes! I have a pair of very flirty Asian single eye lids!
(That's what the other half said.)

Every now and then when we're walking on the street or even walking in a mall, when we saw some cute little monster we go like "OMG!! So cutee..". I love seeing his expression when he sees a cute little monster. Oh..So heart warming.

Reality is that us as gay, we may be rich in the future but we just couldn't have our own children. The closest thing we can have children is through adoption. But adopt a children is not that easy and he/she isn't blood related to you at all. When you have a kid of course you do want your kid to be biological related to you right?

Lately there another way is through surrogate. But the thing is that the infant only related to one of you. Which means if the other half go through this process the end product have no chance to have my flirty Asian eyes.

We don't want to have just an infant but we want an infant who is biological related to us. Living in a closed minded country doesn't do us queer much justice. We could be most outstanding employee in the organisation. We may be earning almost 50 thousand a month but we could not have children who are related to you and your spouse.

Even if adoption works, the kid will probably having a tough time growing up because of he/she was raise by two fathers. The kid will be most probably ended up like Rachel Berry on Glee who slushy was being thrown on every now and then. 

I envy heterosexual relationship all the time because their love life is divided into few stages.

First is to meet each other then comes in marriage.

When the both them have enough of each other they will want to have editions to their life. So the baby comes into picture as they watch the baby grow. Teach the baby new things and skills. Watching them being rebellious and go all worried about their baby's future. When the baby grown up the parents are waiting for their baby's next step of life. 

The child get married and grandbaby came into picture. And the cycle goes on and on and never bored of it.

As for us?

We're excited to know each other and went for dates. When we're done with dating each other, we start getting into a relationship and have all the sex in the world and try to get ourself pregnant but the process fails all the time.

But the only thing that might excite us all is civil partnership means get married. Even that we have to be secretive about it if we're not out to our parents. And there are no such things as getting married in Bali because there are only few country nor state that open to gay marriage.

So all we can do now is to have an affair with other people's baby. We always be there seeing them, hug them , kiss them and watching them grow but they will never be yours.

I always wanted to have my own children.

Same goes to the other half.

But we're stuck with each other.

Can't produce eggs.


You wanna have kids?



Abduct!? O_O!

 Cheffy Ric loves BABIES!



savante said...

Can't tell you how to solve this particular conundrum. I'm having much the same problem myself. Sigh.

Bravebear said...

I would only go for adoption.

I don't mind not having blood relation with the child.

As for surrogate, I am against it bcoz I can't get myself to tell my kid that his mother is just an 'ibu tumpang'. It's like because I want a child, I 'created' him and denied him his mother.

At least adoption, I can tell the child the reason why he doesn't have biological parents.