Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Silent Gay Vibes

Being queer in this generation definitely bring us more joy and entertainment where internet is so convenient that we can almost search for almost every single shits on the world wide web.

Here i am here typing a post about some muted queer boys. 


I'm not that mute at all. But ain't flaming either.

It isn't hard to spot a queer man nowadays as our community are multiplying day by day. As you can see gay men are obsessed with good looks from hair to skin then from skin to pubes and the list just goes on and on. Of course we all want to see how other men pubes looks like whether is it shaved or not shaved, trimmed or not trimmed and even waxed or unwaxed. We all wanted to go on to tiny details.

But since we're in the public area the on thing we can see is just the way they dress. Majority of the gay men doesn't fancy loose clothes despite they're not model six packs build. Like they all say gay men have more fun which i agree because most of the gay men loveeeeeeeeeesss vibrant colours. 

Yes. I'm speaking for my behalf. 

You can spot all sorts of outfit wore by gay men every now and then. I read this article once that says gay men shops more than women. So we are actually boasting our country's economy by spending. So i need no to say much you all have an idea of how typical Malaysian gay men looks like on streets.

Being gay doesn't mean that you're one of the loud ones. They are pretty much closeted gay men which ain't looking any gay at all. But there are ways to discover their through identity some of these factors:

 Their love for music.

No just any kind of music but those main stream artists like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Ke Dollar sign Ha(Ke$ha). You can find all these artists songs on their media playlist. But K-Pop(Korean pop) have been doing so well now even gay men loves them till bits especially SNSD(Girls Generation).
For us gays we would take the least amount of time to recognize them. But for straight guys? They don't even want to bother which is which as long as they can get them on their bed then it's fine for them. 

Besides that we even sing along to their song. If you see a guy who sings and dance along to SNSD's song   he is 70% confirm gay. 

Their love for F A S H I O N !

9 out of 10 gay men loves fashion! You just ask them who are the top 10 designer's they'll just answer you effortlessly. A part from that they know who are the big bang model working in this industry. If you ask a straight man who Coco Rocha is they'll probably answer you "It's a  chocolate".


Furthermore gay men loves America's Next Top Model!!! Gay men know who are the best walker and took the best pictures. Straight men will probably tell you who have bigger boobs(Tyra Banks larrr). Worst they won't even know who Amber Chia is. 

There are too many loud gay men out there which made us left out about gay with silent vibes.

Whoever puts a contestant from ANTM as their phone wallpaper, they are gay!
Because straight men will only put some random sexy porn star as their phone screen.

Those who loves SNSD and sing and dance along to it are also GAY!
Because straight men will only think of  nine pussy to fuck when they think about SNSD.

Guys who have very very close girl friends are gay!
Because straight men will usually court girls around them excluded older relatives.

Those who loves all and above and dating a girl..
He's definitely confused and the girl could be his fag hag when he came out from the closet.

You have guy friends like that ain't gay?

Dating a girl but so in love with SNSD?

Ask him to..

Think again.

I love Chocolates from Coco Rocha! 

Whoopsie daisy!

I must be S T R A I G H T ! ! ! 

Cheffy Ric



-aLEx- said...

Who dares call my Coco CHOCOLATE?!?!
And why the sudden rage for my Coco? :O

Ryan L said...

I dont put ANTM as my phone wall paper. I simply love them.i dont dance with SNSD, but I love their song. And I dont have a close girl friends but I do love all my girl friends.

Do agree with your point of view

Lawrence said...

So agree with your post.. gu that always go along with girls are usually gay. And I like American next top model. lol..